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Accredited First Aid Course

First Aid Courses with accreditation from the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council.

Accredited First Aid Trainers

Founded by a team of passionate healthcare professionals, we  aim to equip people with the knowledge and training necessary to handle emergency situations.

First Aid Courses & Training

Looking for Accredited First Aid Training Providers to Be First Aid Certified in your workplace?

Corporate Lunch Time Talks

Health and First Aid Corporate Talks, to bring the message of Healthy Living across! Spread the need to learn First Aid!

First Aid Certification Programs

Basic Cardiac Life Support Courses. First Aid Certification Renewal Classes, Course or Training.

Subsidised First Aid Course

Our First Aid Training Courses are eligible for funding of up to 70% for these courses. Terms apply.

First Aid Training gives you a peace of mind..

Obtaining proper training in administering first aid, including CPR, and earning a first aid training certification holds immense significance. With these skills, individuals are empowered to respond confidently in emergency situations, ensuring that those in need receive immediate care and attention. 


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Best First Aid Course Singapore

First Aid Certification Singapore

The Importance of First Aid Knowledge

First aid knowledge not only saves lives but also minimizes the risk of further complications, instilling a sense of security and reducing fear among communities.

First Aid Certification Singapore First Aid Course

Be First Aid Trained in Your Company Today!

By undergoing comprehensive training, individuals acquire the ability to effectively assess and manage various injuries and medical crises, creating a safer environment for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions About First Aid Training 

Is Your First Aid Training recognised?

Yes, we have gone through a rigorous accreditation process and is recognised by Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC) and under Ministry of Health (MOH).

What are your First Aid Trainer's Credentials?

Our trainers come from various backgrounds doctors, paramedic and emergency responders. These are professionals with deep expertise in managing stressful emergency situations and come with a wealth of real-life experiences.

How fast can I get my First Aid Cert?

You will get your First Aid Certificates within a week from course completion.

What makes you different from other First Aid Training Schools?

We belief in empowerment and building confidence to be able to respond to medical emergencies. We do not just deliver a lesson but incorporate proven adult learning methodologies in our classes. Scenario based learning in a fun, simple and easy to apply way.

First Aid Course

First Aid Certification Singapore – Training Company


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Singapore First Aid Training Centre

Enrolling in a first aid certification course at the Singapore First Aid Training Centre offers invaluable benefits. Participants gain the expertise to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies, fostering a safer community while also enhancing their personal confidence and readiness in critical situations.

First Aid School / Classes in singapore

Participating in a first aid certification course in Singapore offers a unique advantage, given its stature as a prominent regional medical hub. Acquiring these essential skills within such a healthcare-rich environment ensures individuals are trained to the highest standards, benefitting from the latest medical insights and techniques.

Authorised First Aid Training Centre in Singapore 

Enrolling in a first aid certification course at an authorized training center in Singapore provides unparalleled advantages as participants gain life-saving skills, but also benefit from training aligned with Singapore’s stringent medical standards, ensuring they are well-prepared to respond confidently and competently in emergencies.